Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer
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Sparkle Nation

Life won't SPARKLE, unless you do...

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We want to connect with all Black Women owned brands!

Yes, that means you!

Our goal is to build a network for minority women owned brands.

A network where we can use our own resources.

Let's connect & build a nation of powerful women!


We are a network of women that recognize and offer support for all minority women led entities.


We want to help expand minority women owned businesses around the world.

Sparkle Nation is a safe haven for creatives, entrepreneurs and business women alike.

 We want to change the negative perception towards minority women.

We are more than a label. 


If you are interested in joining Sparkle Nation or opening a chapter in your city please sign up below!


You SPARKLE the most when you are YOU!

Join a network for women owned businesses.

Sparkle Nation plans to:

  • Provide resources to help establish & expand businesses

  • Provide funding for minority owned businesses & startups

  • Become a network for minority women enterprises 

  • Offer an array of services and support for minority women. 

  • Host Fab Events! 

  • Connect with boss babes from around the world!


  • A business owner, entrepreneur or industry professional

  • Creative

  • Interest in Film, Photography, Fashion, or Technology 

  • Fabulous Minority Woman

It's a Woman's world!

Our persuasion can build a Nation!

If you are interested in joining the NATION please email

Photo for promotional use only. We do not have rights to the photo.
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