To Chicago

2020 is the year of vision. 

The world is waking up and the truth is being exposed

After many decades, companies are slowly acknowledging their lack of minority representation. 

It is time for CHANGE: Equal Pay + Opportunities + The Titles we deserve!

  Please help Sparkle Nation create awareness by supporting our initiatives.

 our initiatives!

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The GLAM Fund

A fund to support minority women owned businesses and programs. Funding will be awarded to grant recipients in the film, fashion and corporate industry.

A creative coworking space in the city of Chicago for women. The center will be a place where women can create projects from start to finish.

We want to provide women  access to quality equipment for film, photography and fashion projects.

The Tie Walk

An initiative to provide training and job placements for men18+  in the city of Chicago.

The Sparkle Project

Donate Equipment


The Sparkle Project

Minority women are underrepresented in Film, Fashion & Corporate. The women in Chicago represent under 1% of executive roles. If you take a walk downtown during the typical work week (before Covid) you would seldom see a black woman amongst the crowd of working individuals. 

Black women represent the lowest percentage of executive positions held in corporations nationally. Instagram accounts like @pullupforchange, list major companies and industries that lack representation. Leading roles are difficult to acquire in the film industries. Opportunities are limited in the Fashion world.


Ana Winter editor of Vogue since 1988 stated,"Vogue has not found enough ways to elevate and give space to Black editors, writers, photographers, designers and other creators." Many industries are embarking on the trend by making diversity statements but the real issue has not been brought to light.

98% of residents in Chicago relocate due to the lack of opportunities in the city.  Our goal is to build an innovation center where women can create and complete projects from start to finish.  We hope to partner with industry professionals to create more job opportunities for minority women.

Hollywood is coming to Chicago!

By donating you will help create job opportunities and bring awareness to the lack of representation in the industry.


Crystal Noreiga



The Glam fund

Minority women have been traumatized in the workplace for years. Many women work hard to avoid being labeled as a stereotype, only to be treated as a stereotype. 

Minority women have many talents that are never utilized due to the lack of opportunities. 

We want to help women achieve their Dreams by ending systematic limits that prohibit women from accomplishing their goals. 


Our goal is to provide funding and opportunities that will help women evolve in the Corporate, Fashion and Film industry. To help eliminate the gray area in the workplace we will provide legal support and resources.

 The Glam Fund will also provide support and opportunities to the community throughout the city of Chicago. 




The Tie Walk

The Tie Walk supports men and youth in Chicago. We want to rebuild Chicago neighborhoods. In order to reduce crime in Chicago, we need programs that create job opportunities.


Our goal is to create development programs in the Construction, Real Estate and Agriculture industry.

Each initiative will offer training and certifications, to men and youth in the community. The purpose of the project is to rebuild neighborhoods and local businesses in the city of Chicago. Participants will be hired on a "contract to hire" bases. 

If you are interested in learning more about The Tie Walk initiative please email,






We gladly accept the following:

The House of Fashion

  • Production Equipment (Machinery)

  • Sewing Machines

  • Software

  • Fabric

Film Studio

  • Camera Equipment

  • Movie Sets

  • Production Equipment

  • Operating Systems

  • Software

  • Lighting

  • Props

  • Staging

  • Sound Systems


  • Cameras

  • Lighting

  • Backdrops

  • Stands

  • Software


  • Computers

  • Laptops

  • Software

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